Oriental Rug Cleaning

When It comes to Rug cleaning, We stand alone in providing the highest quality of service to Loudoun County, VA, Maryland and Washington DC Areas.

At George Ayoub Carpet & Rug Care we take pride in cleaning the world’s most prestigious Oriental rugs. For over two decades we have built a reputation and perfection using a method of Hand washed cleaning passed on from previous generations. The method of hand washed Oriental rug cleaning does not so much rely on new technology but more on experience and perfection as well as the love of the art and history of each individual rug.

We offer free pickup and delivery in Arlington Va, Vienna Va, Washington DC and their surrounding areas

We Clean and Repair all Types of Rugs:

Rugs are made up of different fibers, dyes and construction.  As a professional rug cleaning firm, we recognize each individual rug to determine cleaning and repairing needs. We clean and repair rugs from The United States, Iran, Pakistan, India, China, Turkey, Afghanistan and more.  (Learn more about our Rug Repair)

Oriental and Rug Care Before and After

Rug Cleaning Procedure

  1. Inspect rug prior to cleaning.
  2. Dust and vacuum rugs to remove dry soils from front and back
  3. Pre-spot: Recognizing all stains and spots
  4. Hand shampoo with wool approved cleaning products
  5. Hand detail soiled fringes.
  6. Cold water rinse washing away soils and detergents.
  7. Extracting excess moisture from rugs using a high powered water extractor
  8. Grooming the nap
  9. Rugs are then hung and dried naturally using commercial air movers and de-humidifying systems
  10. Pile Lifting, vacuuming and final inspection

Additional Services:

Wool Rug Protector: Protect your rugs from spills, drips and pet accidents with our industry approved rug repellents

Moth Proofing: Protect your rugs from moths and other insects: Keep in mind moths and carpet beetles are attracted to dirty wool. (Identifying moths and insects)

Odor Treatment: Neutralize and treat odor from pet accidents (Pet Damage)

Disinfectant: Disinfectant treatment is recommended when rugs have been exposed to water damage, pet feces, vomit, and urine.

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