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Oriental Rug Cleaning
Frequently Asked Questions / Tips

Q. What is the best method for cleaning my Oriental rugs?

A. Oriental rugs should be professionally hand-washed in our rug cleaning faculty. We offer free pick-up and delivery. Allow 10-14 day turn-around time from the day they are picked up.

Q. How often should I have my Oriental Rugs cleaned?

A. Typically Oriental Rugs should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years depending on use and traffic. Rugs that are used in higher traffic areas or are exposed to house pets should be cleaned more frequently.

Q. Should I have a rug mat underneath my Oriental Rugs?

A. Yes, this is highly recommended. The proper under-padding will prolong the life of your rug therefore protecting it from wear, as well as keeping it from moving around. Also, in the event of a spill or pet urine accident, a proper under-padding may be used to absorb the liquid from penetrating through and potentially damaging your hardwood floors.


Immediate clean up of liquids, such as pet urine is essential when dealing with oriental rugs. The acidic compounds in pet urine may loosen the dyes in the rug causing color damage (bleeding). It is important to act immediately and absorb spills using a clean white absorbent cloth. Apply pleasure and repeat this step as needed. Remember, it is important to have pet urine professionally washed out of your valuable rugs. Our hand-wash procedure is highly effective in removing urine from deep in the wool pile.

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