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Rug Repairs

We specialize in unique Rug Repairs, Falls Church, McLean, Chevy Chase Maryland and surrounding areas.

George Ayoub Carpet & Rug Care is unique in performing the art of Oriental Rug Repair and restoration. With over three generations of experience, our skilled craftsman has mastered the technique of hand weaving all types of Oriental and area rugs. All Rug Repairs are proudly preformed in our Sterling VA facility.

We Repair all types of Rugs

Esfahan, Kashan, Tabriz, Bijar, Heriz, Karastan, Couristan, Ghoum, Afghani and Pakistani Bokhara’s, Kerman, Sorouk, Kilem, Bradded rugs, Needle point rugs, Tapestries, Hooked rugs, wool and silk rugs and more.

Rug Repair Before and After

Rug Repairs by George Ayoub Carpet & Rug Care

Ravel and overcast: Some rugs may or may not have fringes at both ends of a rug. Ravel and overcast is preformed when the ends of the rug start to unravel and fray. An overcast stitching is preformed to enforce the end of the rug from continuous raveling. This procedure is often used to make fringes from within the foundation of the rug.

Over-Round Repair: We refer to the sides (edge) of an Oriental rug as an Over-Round. (In carpeting, this edge is referred to as a binding). An Over-Round is preformed on a rug when damage has occurred to the edge or side of the rug. The Over-Round technique allows us to restore new wool (sewed by hand) to the damaged edges of the rug.

Weaving: George Ayoub Carpet & Rug Care offers a unique specialty when it comes to weaving Oriental Rugs. Our skilled craftsman has the experience and knowledge to reweave holes, burns, pet chewing, and moth damage to your delicate and valuable rug. With thousands of training hours, we are confident in restoring your rugs back to new.

New Fringes: We sew new fringes by hand to restore the appearance of your decorative Oriental rugs.

Other Rug repairs offered:

  • Patching
  • Urine restoration
  • Binding/surging
  • Color Dying
  • Edge curling restoration

Call George Ayoub Carpet & Rug Care today and let us bring your rugs back to life!

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